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Calgary Marketing Company focused on Calgary Business Development

Specializing in Web Video Production and Interview Marketing Web Strategies for Product Development and Sales Lead Generation.

Our Strategy is To Combine New World Online Technologies With Traditional Tried and True Business Techniques to Drive Business Growth.

More About Our "New World" Marketing and Business Development Approach

Business Development and Marketing need to work hand-in-hand to get you and your, your product and your brand noticed and respected. We research, build and develop successful companies through unique mix of real world and web strategy initiatives. Our unique methods build trust quickly and convert leads into opportunities through highly interactive client engagement.

A Calgary Business Development and Marketing Company that Focuses on Sound Techniques, not Trickery.

  • Identify core product needs by listening to the tartget market
  • Promote and be found on the Internet without trickery
  • Knowledge capture throught professional audiovisual interviews 
  • We create compelling content that attracts qualified new leads
  • Build trust faster and convert new leads into quality opportunities
  • Convert more opportunities into clients
  • Use online interaction to maintain and retain client relationships

Need a WINNING business development solution? Promote in a league of your own.

Business Development, Event Selling and Interview Marketing: While 90% of other marketers flood the Internet with product noise hoping to push a product or service on the masses, we market by drawing leads toward compelling, interactive live and recorded online content featuring real people discussing compelling topics that draw attention to your product.

A Unique Calgary Marketing Company. How our business development techniques differ from others:

With 20+ years of product development and sales experience each - our team knows how to develop sellable products. We also know that for a sales team to be successful, they need a solid product mix supported by an automated lead generation process.  We take care of that for you.

Campaign Management: We help you match compelling topics to your products. We'll build the campaign, plan the event, interview you and your staff and produce web content, execute it, promote it and help you turn audiences into clients.

We achieve this through a combination of interactive self administered web sites and event based selling that draws visitors into discussions about company brands, products and services.

Our Thoughts about Website Developers:

Creative and skilled website developers and webmasters are critical to the success of modern business. Webmasters and graphic artists posess a very specialized skillset. They understand the technology and the artistic element that is required to create websites that are beautiful and function efficiently. This combination, however, does not necessarily always deliver results to a company.  Websites need to drive business, and web developers need to not only understand how to create and design sites, they need to know how to attract leads and convert traffic into sales.

Have you been burned by a web developer or search engine optimizer (SEO) company? Is your webmaster not performing?  

What we don't do: We don't believe in online deception, search engine trickery or bait and hook techniques. 

Our strategies focus on combining good old fashioned relationship building with web based communication tools to create a healthy web footprint that builds trust in you, your organization and your brand.

If you and your team are willing to embrace change and adopt new innovative business development concepts, take a closer look at a new wave of technologies and processes we coach on through our free on-line Marketing WebCast Show. 

Let's Meet Face-to-Face!  

Ready to discuss Your Marketing Strategy? Let's schedule an hour meet and greet and learn about each other. We do work for brew. The one hour cost to casually exchange ideas is literally the cost of a coffee shop latte or a pint of pub-served micro brew.

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